The Three Different Types of Greys

Since “The Greys” are a core part of Ufology I thought I would lay out the three main types that Ufologist agree upon.Each type has been reported numerous times in abduction accounts,military accounts,etc.Apparently the Greys come mainly from one of two different star systems;The Zeta Reticuli system and the Orion system.In addition to these three main types it is also reported that there could be as many as 22 variations including ‘hybrids’,’The Orange’,and the ‘Bellatrix Mercenaries’.Apparently(or it is hypothesized) the Greys have been coming here for a long time and might not be the only race,also it is rumored that multiple world governments(mainly the United States) has long ago entered into a treaty with the Greys.The first widely believed treaty was signed by former President Eisenhower at Edwards Air Force Base is 1954 and was called the Greada Treaty and allowed the Greys to abduct humans in exchange for advanced technology to defend ourselves from the Soviets(and possibly in the future the Greys?).Now I don’t know what if I wouldn’t have done the same thing in those shoes because obviously we couldn’t defend ourselves from them(but that’s another story and another thread).